Put your family on the map.

Be in the know

You’re busy, your kids are active and it’s hard to keep up.
We created FamilySignal because we knew there was a better way to connect everyone.

  • With FamilySignal, you’ll see your entire family on a map.
  • We’ll alert you when people arrive or leave locations that you choose.
  • Children can send their locations with a single tap. We call it Touch Base.
  • Our Panic Button alerts you — and authorities, if needed — in case of an emergency.

Peace of mind for parents

You’ll always know if your children are where they should be, and that gives them more freedom.


A sense of security and independence for children

If your child is in trouble or feels threatened, our Panic button immediately sends you their location. For everyday situations, they’ll tap Touch Base.


Fully customizable
location alerts

Keep tabs on your child’s location throughout the day. “Geofences” are the areas you choose — school, work or a friend’s house. When they arrive or leave, we’ll notify you.


Introducing FamilySignal Beacons

What if you knew when your teenager is in their first car, or when Mom is at her desk at work? FamilySignal Beacons make it possible. These are small devices that provide even greater location accuracy because of their physical presence. When family members are near a Beacon, it communicates with FamilySignal through Bluetooth. You can buy beacons in the App. Soon, you’ll be able to use multiple beacons in multiple locations. Here’s the best part: You never have to charge them.

FamilySignal Pro


  • Two family members have full access to FamilySignal features.
  • Fourteen-day trial converts to a free plan if you choose not to upgrade when the trial expires.

Pro — pay monthly

$4.99 per month
  • All family members have complete access to FamilySignal features.
  • Up to four parents/caregivers per family.

Pro — pay annually

$49.99 per year

20% savings!

  • All family members have complete access to FamilySignal features.
  • Up to four parents/caregivers per family.
pin No credit card necessary for the free trial.
Cancel at any time.

All FamilySignal plans include these great features:

14-day free trial of our Pro Plan
  • No credit card necessary. Cancel at any time.
  • The trial converts to a Free Plan if you choose not to upgrade when your trial expires.
Customized geofences and alerts
  • Receive alerts when family members enter or leave the geofences that you setup for them.
  • Geofences are fully customizable for each family member.
Touch Base and Panic buttons
  • Dependents can instantly let parents/caregivers know where they are with Touch Base or alert them of danger with the Panic button.
Recent Activity
  • Reference up to 14 days of history for each family member.
  • Soon, Pro plans will have up to 90 days of recent activity history.
Flexible monitoring for parents/caregivers
  • Parents/caregivers can easily enable or disable their own monitoring.
No need for dependent accounts
  • FamilySignal does not require each of your dependents to have their own accounts. Parents/caregivers assign devices to dependents during the setup process.
Instant access to your family members' locations
  • Quickly see the real-time location of each of your family members.
Optimized for battery life
  • Stay in touch with your family without draining your battery. FamilySignal has been designed for optimal battery life.

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