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Snapchat was the most popular social network for teens across the country "by a landslide," according to a survey by Business Insider.

Facebook Messenger is in, but Facebook itself is out. That’s one conclusion of a survey of 60 American teenagers from across the U.S. covering apps, media, celebrities — everything they “think is cool,” according to Business Insider. “Facebook is good for group events and things, […]

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A majority of parents check the websites their teen visits, follow his or her social media accounts and take away a cellphone or limit screen time as punishment. Those are conclusions from a new study by the Pew Research Center, which surveyed about 2,000 parents […]


There’s more than one way to hide apps on an iPhone. Teens and tweens might try to hide apps for a multitude of reasons, and while Apple doesn’t include an official feature to do it on iPhones, tricks exist. Different apps can hide content like […]


Fears about excessive teen cellphone use are largely overblown, but parents should not overlook two specific concerns about kids’ health, a new study by Duke University researchers says. Teens (and adults, for that matter) fully integrated their digital lives with the physical world long ago, […]


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