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National Bullying Prevention Month: Schools battle ‘culture of silence’

Michigan was ranked this month as the worst in the nation for bullying, but more public school students there are reporting instances of bullying, suicide threats, drugs and assault thanks to a two-year-old violence-prevention program operating statewide. The OK2SAY program, which encourages students to anonymously […]

Sheriff sounds alarm on teens partying in remote areas

What is internet addiction? It depends on whom you ask

Certain personality traits among teens are more likely to cause risky driving behavior, according to a new study. Steve Garfield/Flickr

You have two children. One is more agreeable. The other is more conscientious. Which is more likely to text and drive? Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham say there’s evidence to support the latter. Adolescents with certain personality traits can be more likely […]

In The Simpsons game "Tapped Out," virtual currency (donuts) can be bought for real money to advance progress in the game.

The last time I saw my 14-year-old nephew, he showed me his phone. He was playing a game that pitted World War II-era tanks against one another, and he wanted me to see his impressive digital inventory of U.S. model Shermans, Pattons and Lees. Then […]


You know Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but they’re likely not the only social networks your teenager uses. These 13 apps represent some of the more concerning for parents, and we’ve included takeaways for each. Remember: Trends come and go, but today, messaging apps are king. […]

Patrik Nygren/Flickr

In our last post, we explored a seemingly contradictory conclusion: While teens are confronted with adult themes in media earlier than ever before, crime rates and other signs of youthful rebellion are dropping. As the first generation of millennials emerges from a childhood spent entirely […]

While children encounter adult themes in media earlier than ever before, studies suggest today's high-schoolers are the least rebellious in generations.

At the beginning of her recently released book, “Media Moms and Digital Dads,” child psychologist Yalda T. Uhls drops some troubling statistics about media today: Violence and sex in PG-13 movies are up since the 1990s. Violent video games top the charts. Magazine ads show […]

New school curriculum on sexting in school can help parents talk to their own children about the issue. Justin S. Campbell/Flickr

In Virginia Beach, Virginia, last week, authorities filed a search warrant against a 17-year-old pupil at Ocean Lakes High School, a local television station reported. Officials suspected the boy of collecting nude photos of his peers and distributing them — and hiding them on his […]


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